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Five reasons to use a lighting controller - Machine Vision Technology Forum 2017 (en)

Presentation at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 17/18 October 2017 in Unterschleissheim (Germany)
Martin House, Gardasoft Vision Ltd.

Do you want to improve the reliability and repeatability of your machine vision applications? Do you need to increase the speed? Will your system need maintenance when the lighting becomes less bright?

Lighting controllers give more stable light output and can give remote control of the lighting so that the brightness can be maintained as the light gets older and less bright. Overdriving is a powerful technique to get more brightness from LED lighting. High speed synchronisation of lighting enables multi-light applications whilst maintaining high line speeds.

This presentation explains the features available in lighting controllers and how they can be used to improve the capability, speed and reliability of your machine vision system. It then describes the latest techniques and features available, including how you can save cost and complexity by reducing the number of inspection positions in a machine.