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Zeiss Classic lenses

43 mm image circle and 46.5/45.5 mm flange focal distance

The Zeiss range of large format lenses are available in a number of mounts including the popular F-mount and M42-mount systems.

Delivering exceptional resolution and mechanical design, many models also feature locking screws.

With Nikon manual focus lenses becoming a rarity, these lenses offer a real alternative with many improved features.

Reasons to use the Zeiss Classic Lens

Designed for rough technical applications

Both the aperture setting and the focus can be locked safely (with five locking screws), making the lenses especially suitable for rough technical applications.

Large format lenses with popular mount systems

The ZF-I series of lenses are available in M42 and F mount formats - the two most popular of the large format systems.


  • Image circle: 43 mm
  • Lens mount: F-mount, M42-mount
  • Other: Large aperture / Locking screws for most articles

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